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Motorised Treadmill Repair / AMC / Service @ Your Door Step

We can repair any brand Motorised Treadmill. We have a Treadmill motor repair centre where we can rewind, re charge and re fix the commutator on a DC / AC motor. Our PCB technicians can diagnoze and repair any problems in the Treadmill Power board. We replace Treadmill Belts / Deskof any size and also arrange or Replacement Treadmill Decks.
Service Includes
1.Check motor bushes / Magnet / Winding Continuity
2.Frame Cleaning
3.Console and PCB error Diagnoses
4.Inspect and adjust running belt 
5.Inspect and lubricate rollers
6.Inspect Running Deck for usage and wax levels
7.Inspect Drive belt 
8.Inspect shock absorption system
9.Lubricate Hydraulic Rods
10.Inspect and tighten Nuts & Bolts
11.Check Stabilizer input and output voltage,Internal cleaning-dust etc...,
12.Check functionality of Fitness Equipment for safety.
Any FITNESS EQUIPMENTS Repair is done by our own technicians. We do not contract out through any agents. Our doorstep minimum service charge is Rs 599 for any type of Home Appliances services.
So, call us today at +91- 9538811506 / 9353026058 and get safe and fastest Treadmill  repairing services at the comfort of your home. Service tax will be applicable as per GST.